Cruising Speed: 819 km/h - Seats: 6-15 - Range: 5778 km -

The Bombardier Challenger 850 aircraft was created to challenge convention and establish a new class of business aircraft. In doing so, the jet has excelled in every way, setting the standard for reliability, dependability and value in its class. Expansive and versatile, it provides the flexibility to deliver customized solutions for any corporate requirement.

BOMBARDIER_CHALLENGER_850_big_1Non-stop service effortlessly sustains business as usual, but also enables incomparable relaxation in a cabin with virtually the same amount of space found on an ultra-long-range aircraft. Secure in the knowledge that Challenger 850 aircraft engines are among the most tested and reliable in business aviation today, passengers can relax and enjoy a complete suite of in-flight entertainment capabilities or leverage state-of-the-art business communication technology.

An expansive interior. Efficiently productive. Prepare yourself for an aircraft that provides a new frame of reference by challenging the common wisdom that it’s best to stay grounded. It just feels right to soar above the competition.

With their impressive range and endurance, Bombardier Challenger aircraft are equally suited to executive transport and special missions. Their spacious cabins provide exceptional passenger comfort, as well as a working environment with ample space for operator consoles and mission system electronics.

Challenger aircraft can accommodate numerous cabin configurations from high-density passenger seating to multiple workstations and the traditional VIP interior.


The exceptional capabilities of the Challenger make it an effective platform for specialized missions such as flight inspection and ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance). These include:

High dash speed
Long endurance
Low altitude manoeuvrability
Ability to carry external stores
Governments can benefit from the multi-mission flexibility of one of the world’s most popular executive transport aircraft.

Specifications for the Challenger family of aircraft can be found on our business aircraft website. Performance data is for a standard business aircraft.

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