Cruising Speed: 870 km/h - Seats: 211-328 - Range: 10313 km -

The 767-300 Freighter is more fuel efficient than competing aircraft in the medium-widebody freighter market. Excellent fuel efficiency, operational flexibility, low-noise levels and an all-digital flight deck allow the 767 Freighter to support time-critical cargo schedules even at airports with stringent noise and emissions standards.

The 767 has evolved through time to meet ever-changing market requirements. The 767-300F is the latest iteration of that evolution. It benefits from the advanced avionics, aerodynamics, materials and propulsion incorporated on the Boeing 767 passenger airplanes. Its proven combination of light, durable aluminum alloy and composite structure helps make the 767-300F lighter than competing freighters.

BOEING 767 300

The 767 Freighter is similar in external appearance to 767 passenger airplanes, except for the lack of passenger windows and doors. The interior of the main-deck fuselage has a smooth fiberglass lining. A fixed, rigid barrier installed in the front end of the main deck serves as a restraint wall between the cargo and the flight deck. A door in the barrier wall permits in-flight access from the flight deck to the cargo area.

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